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MuAnalysis Inc is a privately owned professional laboratory and analytical service provider located in Ottawa.

The company was founded in 2002 by Dr. Martine Simard-Normandin, formerly a scientist with Nortel Networks and later with STMicroelectonics. MuAnalysis provides analytical expertise and solutions to the electronics, photonics, life sciences, and manufacturing industries. Our customers benefit from our decades of collective experience in microanalysis and process analysis. MuAnalysis offers expertise in electron microscopy, optical microscopy, materials and failure analysis techniques and reliability testing to its customers. Our specialized equipment and range of scientific skills have enabled MuAnalysis to continue to capture significant global market share.

Confidentiality & Security

All work undertaken is handled with strict confidentiality. A written declaration of non-disclosure is part of our standard Terms and Conditions. MuAnalysis is registered with the Controlled Goods Directorate.


MuAnalysis is located in a secure, monitored premises. The laboratories operate in strict compliance with global policies concerning environmental protection, health and safety, and with adherence to ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection.

What's In The Name

In mathematics, the Greek letter mu (μ) is used for micro. MuAnalysis denotes microanalysis.