ESD & Latchup Testing

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and latch-up immunity are vital to the reliability of microelectronic products. With more than 20 years relevant experience, MuAnalysis characterizes the electrostatic and latch-up features of integrated circuits (ICs) for both commercial and military purposes. In the event of ESD or latch-up failure, MuAnalysis' analytical staff are on-site and can quickly determine the root cause, saving valuable test time. ESD can severely damage or destroy ICs, therefore specified levels of ESD protection must be demonstrated as part of most product qualifications. MuAnalysis tests devices to any commercial or military ESD standard and performs curve tracing before and after testing to check for any device changes. MuAnalysis can also identify weak points in a functioning ESD design, thus enabling future designs to be improved. Latch-up is the creation of a disruptive low-impedance current path between power supply rails, triggered by a parasitic four-layer bipolar structure in CMOS devices.