Reliability Testing and Reliability Analysis

We'll push your device to the limit.

Knowing the life expectancy of devices and systems is key to every manufacturing success. At MuAnalysis, we conduct environmental and electrical stress testing under strictly controlled conditions. Our goal is to activate certain failure mechanisms, which allows us to identify factors that may influence the reliability and life expectancy of a product.

Temperature cycling and temperature shock let us determine the resistance of parts to sudden extreme temperature changes. Alternating high and low temperature extremes induces mechanical stresses in electronic components and solder joints. The addition of moisture at atmospheric or high pressure simulates accelerated aging conditions.
Electrical measurements can be taken while parts are held at low or high temperature so we can evaluate the effect of temperature on circuit performance.
Reliability testing and reliability analysis are helpful in detecting manufacturing problems, infant mortality and lead-free issues.

We're ready to evaluate...
Failure modes
Life expectancy
Fit rates
Process, package or product qualification
Compliance to JEDEC,Telcordia and MIL Standards