X-Ray Imaging

Real-time x-ray imaging is done in transmission and the image can be captured using film or an x-ray imaging system. The sample may be rotated to allow various perspectives, within the limitations of the sample size and geometry.
X-ray imaging is a quick, non-destructive analysis technique to look at solder joint quality and the large scale structure of devices.

100kV x-ray imaging system upgraded to 1024x1024 pixel CMOS sensor
X-ray on film for military applications
3D x-ray available by special request
If defects are detected, recommendations are made for further tests or analyses.

Typical applications
Failure analysis
Reverse engineering
Reliability analysis
Forensic analysis
Detection of:
Defects and voids in BGA balls, QFNs
Wire bonding defects
Metallization burnout
Voids in through hole pins.
Evaluation of:
Die attach integrity
Solder bump quality