MuAnalysis Joint Integrity Characterization (MAJIC)

The recent need to develop lead-free electrical and electronic products has resulted in an increased demand to characterize solder joint integrity. Many standards exist to evaluate the long term reliability of electronic components or the quality of an assembly process. However no standards apply to custom printed circuit board assemblies. For example, the IPC-9701 standard and the use of evaluation boards are directed at evaluating processes rather than products. We have devised a methodology, combining inspection, the application of fatigue to stress the solder joints and the devices, and cross-section analysis to evaluate the quality of the solder joints, plated through-holes, and board manufacturing. This test is named MAJIC and consists of:

Initial inspection Visual inspection to IPC-A-610D standard XRAY of BGAs To identify voids or malformed balls Acoustic microscopy of semiconductor components To detect pop-corning or delamination Stress tests (based on IPC and JEDEC standards Temperature cycling Cross sections of various types of components Intermetallic formation Micro cracks Voiding Applications The MAJIC methodology provides a vehicle to qualify an assembly process or to evaluate a supplier. Include MAJIC as a quality document for your own process