Counterfeit Detection Materials Integrity Verification

Is the product you bought the real thing or an imitation? Is Supplier A's product as good as Supplier B's product for your application? Goods that appear similar can differ in quality and may therefore operate inconsistently when integrated into your system. Product from reputable sources can also be compromised. The experts at MuAnalysis will verify the authenticity of the materials you've purchased. We design experiments specific to your needs and perform the appropriate tests so you can be confident in the quality and integrity of the product.

Typical Applications
Authenticity verification
Validation of insurance claims
Supplier evaluation
Reliability assessment
Technology cloning
Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA)
Stressing to MIL-STD-883, ASTM or JEDEC standards
Conformance to AS5553 and AS6081
MuAnalysis offers a variety of sophisticated analytical techniques to examine materials and devices. These include, among others:
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)
Electron microscopy with EDX
X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)
Raman Spectroscopy
FTIR Spectroscopy
UV fluorescence microscopy
Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Environmental Chamber Stressing